March 26 (Wed.)

1:10 p.m.-3:00 p.m.


New York Hilton

Beekman Parlor


I.          Welcome and Introductory Remarks (Bill McCloy)


II.         CEAL Treasurer's Report (Wen-ling Liu)


III.       Reports from the Library of Congress (Carolyn Brown, Hwa-Wei Lee)


IV.       Honoring Retirees and Those Who Came Before Us


A. Recognition of Retirees (Bill McCloy)


B. Special Honorees


a) Weiying Wan (Yuan Zhou)


b)  Dr. Edwin G. Beal, Jr. (Chi Wang)


V.        The Toyo Bunko (ͷ) and its Collections (Prof. Yoshinobu Shiba                      )


VI.       Remarks of the Outgoing President (Bill McCloy)


VII.      Remarks of the Incoming President and Presentation on Proposed CEAL Bylaws          (Abraham Yu)


 VIII.    Announcements           


            A. CEAL Election Results (Bill McCloy)


            B. CEAL Fellowship Dinner


C. Other