Appended below please find a program of the upcoming 2003 annual session
of the CEAL Committee on Technical Processing to be held:
   Wednesday, 26 March 2003, 15:10-17:15
   Beekman Parlor, New York Hilton Hotel (Manhattan)
15:10-15:20   Welcome; Introduction of Committee   Hideyuki Morimoto
15:20-15:50   Cataloging of Electronic Resources,  Prof. Kwong Bor Ng
               including Internet Resources:       Queens College (New
               Dublin Core and Other Metadata       York, N.Y.)
               Schemes, Management, etc.
15:50-16:20   AACR2, 2002 revision, Chapter 12:    Mr. Everett Allgood
               New Aspects                         New York University
16:20-16:35   Update: CJK-Related Cataloging at    Mr. Kio Kanda
               LC                                  Library of Congress
16:35-16:55   Committee Report                     Hideyuki Morimoto
16:55-17:15   Questions and Answers; Discussion
A web version of the program will also be placed at the Committee web site
before long.
Thank you very much.
Hideyuki Morimoto
CEAL Committee on Technical Processing