2003 CEAL Public Services Committee

Thursday March 27th

3:40 to 5:30 p.m.

Beekman Parlor - 2nd Floor


You are cordially invited to a quick-paced, informative, and inspirational session sponsored by the CEAL Public Services Committee. Learn teaching tips from expert instructors, find out the current state of document delivery, and ponder opportunities for international interaction from members of the Committee. Powerpoint presentations and handouts will be made available online through the Committee's webpage so you won't have to worry about carrying paper or losing valuable information.




Part One. Information Literacy - Reports from the Field

Annie Lin (UC Davis) coordinator

Regina Entorf (Wittenberg) - Report from a Small College Library Catherine Lee (UCLA) - Report from a Large Research Library


Part Two. Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery - What You Need to Know Chinese materials - Staff from the Gateway Project (Pittsburgh) Korean materials - Joy Kim (USC) Japanese materials - Sharon Domier (UMASS Amherst)


Part Three. Sharing/Exchange - Reaching out and helping ourselves at the same time Shu Yong Jiang (Art I. Chicago) coordinator Jing Liu (UBC) Su Chen (U Minnesota)



Questions/Comments from the Floor