The Committee on Public Services


"Know Before You Go... About Using Libraries in East Asia"
March 3 (Wednesday)
  3:10 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

This year the Committee on Public Services has decided to focus on the kind of information that you and your students/faculty need to know to be succesful in using libraries in East Asia. We will also include some humorous anecdotes of what can go wrong if you aren't prepared!

3:10-3:15 Greetings and announcements
3:15-3:30 Taiwan - presented by the team of Annie Lin and Guo Hua Wang
3:30-3:45 Hong Kong - presented by the team of Shu Yong Jiang and Xiaolei Wang
3:45-4:00 China - presented by the team of Su Chen and Jing Liu
4:00-4:10 Questions
4:10-4:25 Japan - presented by Tokiko Bazzell
4:25-4:35 Questions
4:35-4:50 Korea - presented by the team of Catherine Lee and Mikyung Kang
4:50-5:00 Questions and wrap-up

All presentations will be made available on the website after the conference.