CEAL Preconference Workshop:

XML for East Asian Libraries

March 2, 2004

San Diego, CA, USA

Instructor: Wooseob Jeong

Email: wjj8612@uwm.edu

Power Point Slides | Exercise Materials

* Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher should be used for optimal result of exercises.

Part 1

What is XML?

Separation of presentation information from contents

Presentation information

  • CSS
  • XSLT

Minimum requirements

  • XML declaration: <?xml version="1.0" ?>
  • pairs of tags
  • Tags in hierarchy
  • "Well-formedness"

Restaurant Menu Exercise

Part 2


Multiscript/multilingual support

Part 3

SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language)

DTD (Document Type Definition)

  • Element - tags
  • Attribute - properties in tags
  • Entity - special characters

Examples of DTDs

  • TEI
  • EAD
  • SMIL
  • RDF-DC


Letter Transcript Exercise (TEI)

Part 4

Other important parts in XML

  • XSL-FO (PDF)
  • URI
  • XLink
  • XPointer
  • Namespace
  • Schema

E-Book in Various Formats

E-Book Authoring Tools

Free E-book archives


Related Information

Recommended web sources on XML

Recommended books on XML

Free web hosting supporting XML/XSL (many don't support XSL)

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