Website Policy
Approved by the Executive Committee of CEAL on [DATE]
  1. To provide a linking page to all CEAL web-based content, such as the CEAL committee pages, JEAL, the CEAL Directory, Eastlib and Job listings.
  2. To provide a linking page to CEAL-affiliated organizations, such as AAS, NCC, KCCNA, the OCLC CJK User's group, etc
  3. To provide information about the organizational structure and bylaws of CEAL
  4. To present news of current CEAL activities, including the annual conference, etc
  5. To promote membership in CEAL

The CEAL Committee on Library Technology (CLT) is responsible for the content of the main CEAL website pages (including pages of general interest to all CEAL members such as Annual Meeting, Policies, Eastlib information, How-to pages (see below), Guides to Research, Other East Asian Library Groups, Job Postings, and East Asian Libraries in North America.  For these pages, CLT will maintain the links, and provide other necessary updates to content and style.

CLT is not responsible for the content of CEAL committee pages or the pages of other CEAL constituencies. However, the CEAL Committee on Library Technology will act in an advisory capacity upon request to help those responsible for constituent's pages with technical issues.  CLT will also create "how-to" guides as needed for best practices in creating and maintaining CEAL web pages.  Current how-to guides are located here.

CEAL provides server space for the website of the interest group OCLC CJK (see below).

The CEAL Website is mounted on server space purchased by CEAL. Currently (June 2009), the webspace provider is Parcom Co.

The server is organized with folders for each CEAL committee, and for OCLC CJK.  The main folder names on the server are:

The CLT chair is responsible for maintaining these folders, and providing FTP access on the server to the folders for each committee chair.

Since 2006, CEAL has paid an annual fee for the rights to the the domain name "". 

The CEAL Homepage URL is registered as a PURL. PURLs function as routers, allowing web pages to move from one server to another without resulting in broken links on other web pages or in personal "favorites" or "bookmarks." (for more information on PURLs, see The chair of CLT will be responsible for ensuring that the registration of the CEAL homepage as a PURL is up-to-date.  The CEAL PURL is:

The CEAL logo and basic website style was originated by Bob Felsing in the 1990s.  Bob agreed to allow CEAL to to use the logo and basic style in future editions of the CEAL website. The Library Technology Committee (in consultation with the CEAL Executive Committee) is responsible for future changes to the style, arrangement, and content of the of the CEAL website.

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