Procedures for Dispersing Funds to CEAL Committees
Approved by CEAL Executive Board on April 3, 2002
March 31, 2010 per EB decision
May 10, 2010 per EB minutes
1. A maximum of one CEAL-funded grant per committee will be given within each 3-year period (i.e. within each regular election cycle).
2. Committees may seek and accept additional grants from outside of CEAL.  Normally, these funds will be deposited in CEAL accounts and designated for use per donor's request.  Exceptions must be approved by the Executive Committee and annual reports sent to the CEAL Treasurer.
3. Grants will be for $500 or less, this amount to be reassessed periodically in relation to the financial health of CEAL. 

4. Requests for funding must be submitted by the chair of the requesting committee to the Executive Committee for approval and must be tied to a specific project and budget.  The deadline for submission of requests will be December 1st.  The deadline for decisions by the Executive Committee will be December 15th. 

5. Proposals will be evaluated based on merit and the schedule of rotation. 

6. Allowable uses for grants include, but are not limited to, honoraria for speakers, committee publications, and workshop expenses.  Travel support and honoraria may not be provided to current CEAL members except for retirees or members from outside North America.
7. One or two grants will be funded per year.  In some years, no grants will be awarded.
8. Committee Funding Schedule
During the three-year-cycle of the committee chair, funding of up to $500 will be provided to each committee that organizes a program. The plenary will be funded each year up to an amount authorized by the board at least one month prior to the annual meeting.

9. Contact the CEAL Treasurer for rules of reimbursement, especially regarding non-U.S. citizens.

10. If a committee has received a CEAL-funded grant of any amount outside of the normal rotation schedule, no more grants will be awarded to it during that three-year regular election cycle. 

11. These guidelines and the schedule of rotation will be published on the CEAL website with the dates and amounts awarded and the projects to which they relate.  The schedule will be updated as needed.
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