Philip Melzer
President, 2006-2008

Past Executive Boards




Philip Melzer

(President, 2006-2008)

Library of Congress

Zhijia Shen

(Chinese Materials, 2005-2008)

University of Washington

Martin Heijdra


Princeton University

Kristina Troost

(Vice-President / President-Elect, 2006-2008)

Duke University

Keiko Yokota Carter

(Japanese Materials, 2005-2008)

University of Washington

Hideyuki Morimoto


Columbia University

Ellen McGill

(Secretary, 2006-2009)

Harvard University

Mikyung Kang

(Korean Materials, 2005-2008)

Harvard University

Hong Xu


University of Pittsburgh

Toshie Marra

(Treasurer, 2006-2009)


Xian Wu

(Library Technology, 2005-2008)

Cornell University

Kuniko Yamada McVey


Harvard University

Abraham J. Yu

(Past President)

University of California, Irvine.

 David Hickey

(Public Services, 2005-2008) 

University of Florida

Su Chen


University of Minnesota


Mary Lin

(Technical Processing, 2005-2008)

University of Wisconsin, Madison


Yunah Sung


University of Michigan


Jade Atwill

(Membership, 2007-2010)

Pennsylvania State University




Vickie Fu Doll  

(Statistics, 2001-2009)

University of Kansas



Gail King

(Publications, 1996-2009)

Brigham Young University


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