LC-CEAL Q&A Sessions for CJK Rare Book Cataloging. Japanese Break-Out Session

1 April 2002




Chinese and 漢文 texts published in Japan




-     Chinese original

1)    With 返り点

Fixed field "l" (language):  jpn

041 0   jpnchi

130 or 240:  [Chinese uniform title]. $l Japanese & Chinese

245:  [Japanese reading] / $c [Japanese romanization].

546   In Chinese, with Japanese reading marks.

2)    Without 返り点

Fixed field "l" (language):  chi

041         不要  (unless Japanese text included) (序・跋 etc.)

130 or 240  不要  (unless you establish because variant titles involved, and different from 245)

245:  [Chinese romanization] / $c [Chinese なら Chinese rom.; 日本人なら Japanese rom.].

246 3  Japanese romanization を入れる

      260 (1) (2) Japanese romanization


-     漢文 (Chinese by Japanese) は日本語とみなす (返り点がなくても)

Fixed field "l" (language):  jpn

245   Japanese romanization

546   In Kanbun

      返り点があれば           In Kanbun, with reading marks.



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