CEAL Library Technology Committee
March 2000 Meeting Agenda

The annual meeting was held from 3:10pm to 5:00pm on March 8, 2000 at the Town and Country Resort Hotel in San Diego, California. 


3:10-3:25  Opening Remarks:  The Current State of the Implementation of CJK Technology in Our Libraries (Panel discussion with Members of the Library Technology Committee)

3:25-4:00  The CEAL EACC-Unicode Review Project:  a progress report (Bob Felsing, University of Oregon)

Mr. Felsing will review the work of this committee, which he chairs.

4:00-5:00  Unicode/CJK Implementation and its Uses in the Library [tentative title] (Mr. Zhoucai Zhang, Beijing UniHan IT Development Co., Ltd, Beijing, PRC)  (See the UniHan Co. web pages:  http://www.unihan.com.cn  (China) http://www.unihan.com  (USA)

In addition to his discussion of Unicode/CJK implementations and its use in liberties, Mr. Zhang will also discuss his work in various digitization projects involving materials from the PRC, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea.