CPS Annual Meeting Programs and Reports (2003)
CEAL Committee on Public Services (CPS)

2003 Program of Committee on Public Services
March 27, 2003
New York

Part 1
Information Literacy -- in real life
1. Introduction by Annie Lin, UC Davis
2. Small College Library by Regina Entorf, Wittenberg College
3. Large Research Library by Catherine Lee, UCLA
Part 2
Document Delivery from -- what you really need to know
1. China/Hong Kong/Taiwan by Lotus Liu, Pittsburgh
2. Korea by Joy Kim, USC
3. Japan by Sharon Domier, UMass
Part 3
Sharing/Exchange -- reaching out and helping ourselves at the same time
1. Introduction by Shuyong Jiang
2. Presentation by Jing Liu, UBC
3. Presentation by Su Chen, U Minnesota

Q & A

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