CPS Annual Meeting Programs and Reports (2008)
CEAL Committee on Public Services (CPS)

2008 Program of Committee on Public Services
April 2, 2008
Atlanta, International Ballroom South

01:50 - 02:00 Opening Remarks
David Hickey, Committee Chair, University of Florida
02:00 - 02:30 Scholarly Communication in East Asia: Traditions and Modernization
Professor Jingfeng Xia, Indiana University Bloomington, School of Library and Information Science
02:30 – 02:50 Top Emerging Technologies for Academic Libraries
Lili Li, Information Services Librarian, Georgia Southern University
02:50 – 03:10 Creating Interactive Library Experiences: Engagement Techniques for Academic Librarians
Brian Mathews, User Experience Librarian (Assessment and Communications), Georgia Tech
03:10 – 03:30 Creating an Online Tutorial: Choices, Challenges, Solutions
Dawn Lawson, East Asian Studies Librarian, New York University
03:30 – 03:40 Questions & Answers
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