CJK Workbook Update, December 1999

Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 15:44:28 -0500 (EST)
From: Philip Melzer
Subject: CJK Workbook Update

New Years Greetings to Workbook Compilers!

I have not written in several months; but now, at year's end, I feel that I should bring you up to date on the project to revise the AACR2 workbook for East Asian material.

In December, I received the final draft workbook chapter from its compiler; I have now received drafts of all of the chapters. We at LC have been able to work with the roman text of most of the draft chapters that we have been sent on disk. LC staff members Young Lee and Sonya Lee have been inputting CJK text, using Twinbridge Partner 3.0 for NT. We have completed input of CJK text for 7 chapters (out of 15). Most characters have been added to 5 others; and one chapter does not include any CJK characters. The remaining two chapters are lengthy, and must be keyed in from scratch.

Although Twinbridge advertises a conversion function, we have had no success in getting it to help with workbook chapters that consist of roman text intersperced with Korean, Japanese and traditional and/or brief Chinese forms. Therefore, in order to come away with an attractive text with compatible fonts, we are obliged to key in the characters one at a time. Also, it is necessary to retype some or all of the diacritic marks in each of the chapters because they did not convert, or add them because they were not provided in the draft. As CJK text is added to each chapter, I download it onto a disk, take it home, and then change the Wade-Giles to pinyin throughout.

As I indicated before, this whole process is very time-consuming, and now involves several people besides myself. We have fallen far behind our earlier schedules, and now I hesitate to predict when we will finish. We do hope to have completed a first draft by the beginning of February. Then, each of the chapters will be reviewed by LC catalogers and a final draft will be prepared. We will work at it in whatever time we have available, and keep pushing ahead as best we can.

In January or early February, I hope to send you examples of several of the formats that you have used in compiling your chapters. I will ask for your opinions, along with that of the catalogers at LC who are working on the project, to come up with an attractive and utilitarian format for the workbook before a final revision is begun.

I have been in contact with LC's Cataloging Distribution Service. CDS continues to seek copyright approval from ALA and the British Library Association for our publication. They have reiterated their intention to help us publish the workbook, and to add the examples from it to Catalogers Desktop.

I hope to see you, if not at ALA Midwinter, then at the CEAL conference in March. Have a happy and safe new year.


cc: Bill McCloy


Philip Melzer, Team Leader
Korean-Chinese Cataloging Team
Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division
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