Committee on Technical Processing (CTP)
Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL)

Committee Projects for 2002-2005

  • Planning/preparation for CTP sessions at 2003/2004/2005 Annual Meetings

  • Considering relevance of (a) Committee workshop(s), and, if deemed significant and feasible, planning/preparation for such (a) workshop(s)

  • Further work with AACR2 workbook for East Asian publications, 2nd. ed. ; (Workbook Update, December 1999 )
    (Focal point: Philip Melzer; Collaborators: Shiok Abdelmessih, Hee-sook Shin, and Hisami Springer)

  • Maintenance of committee web site
    (Contents manager: Hee-sook Shin; Site manager: Abraham Yu)

  • Collecting/organizing pinyin romanization questions (excluding those related to Chinese geographic names) from CEAL for securing answers from LC
    (Focal point: Daphne Wang)

  • Collecting/organizing Chinese questions related to Chinese geographic names from CEAL members for securing answers from LC
    (Focal point: Iping Wei)

  • Exploring the ways to ensure that general CJK cataloging questions (excluding those related to pinyin romanization and Chinese geographic names) of CEAL members submitted to CPSO receive timely responses
    (Focal point: Kio Kanda)

  • 053 addition in literary author name authority records, based on the lists previously compiled by the Committee ( Chinese | Japanese | Korean check the urls*s )
    (Focal point:
    • for Chinese literary authors: Daphne Wang
    • for Japanese literary authors: Hisami Spinger
    • for Korean literary authors: Hideyuki Morimoto with help of Shiok Abdelmessih)

  • 053 additional proposal submission to LC in subject authority records, based on the CJK period subdivisions lists previously compiled by the Committee
    (Focal point: Hideyuki Morimoto)

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