Committee on Technical Processing (CTP)
Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL)

Committee Projects for 2008-2011

  • Planning/preparation for CTP programs or CTP/CPS joint program at 2009/2010/2011 Annual Meetings

  • Planning/preparation for CTP cataloging workshops
    • 2009: 1) SCCTP CONSER Standard Record Workshop, 2) Constructing and Proposing CJK Literary Author Classification Numbers
    • 2010: NACO workshop on corporate body and geographic name
    • 2011: Workshop on Films and Videorecordings Cataloging
    (Workshop Survey and Registration: Chiaki Sakai)

  • RDA Review Subcommittee
    (Chair: Shi Deng)

  • Revising and releasing the RLG Cataloging Guidelines for Creating Chinese Rare Book Records in Machine-Readable Form on the Cataloger's Desktop
    For details, see Annual report 2009/2011
    Major changes:
    • Converted romanization from Wade-Gilde to Pinyin.
    • Integrated English and Chinese contents.
    • Updated revised cataloging rules and corrected errors.
    (Sarah S. Elman, in consultation with Soren Edgren)

  • Revision of the Descriptive Cataloging for East Asian Materials: CJK Examples of AACR2 and Library of Congress Rule Interpretations
    For details, see Annual report 2009/2011

    Project started May 2010, completed and submitted to LC in Dec. 2010.
    Major changes: Updated Korean Romanization, word division & spacing; added CONSER Standard Record rules for serials (chapter 12) and reference to BIBCO Standard records; updated practice for recording series, i.e., from 440 to 490/830; changed notes describing East Asian traditional materials; corrected errors.

    • Chinese -- Shi Deng, Sarah Elman, Shuyong Jiang, Jia Xu, Shu Yue
    • Japanese -- Hideyuki Morimoto
    • Korean -- Erica Chang, Hyoungbae Lee, Jee-Young Park

  • LC Religion Genre/Form Headings Project -- East Asian religions
    For details, see Annual report 2009/2011
  • Project started May 2010, ended in April 2011.
    Developed a draft list of terms on major East Asian religion -- Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto, Shamanism, etc. for the Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Religious Materials Project.

    (Lead: Sarah S. Elman; participants: Erminia Chao, Charlene Chou, Lauran Hartley, Tang Li, Toshie Marra, Hideyuki Morimoto, Jee-Young Park, Chiaki Sakai, Hee-sook Shin, Keiko Suzuki)

  • CTP web site maintenance
    (webmaster: Shu Yue (2008-2011))

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