CEAL Committee on Technical Processing Annual Report 2004; with, Task Force for 2005 Cataloging Workshops Logistics Arrangements Annual Report, 2004

9 January 2005
Hideyuki Morimoto

0. Introduction

Following the recent pattern, this present annual report of the CEAL Committee on Technical Processing (CTP) covers entire calendar year 2004, i.e., from January 2004 to December 2004.

In its third year of the Committee cycle, CTP has made progress in several ways. This present CTP annual report from 2004 is organized around the following topics: (1) Committee membership; (2) Committee annual sessions; (3) Committee workshop; (4) Committee activities; (5) functions within CEAL; and (6) collaboration with relevant external individuals and organizations. In connection with topic (3) above, CTP established in summer 2004 the Task Force for 2005 Cataloging Workshops Logistics Arrangements, an annual report of which to cover its activities of calendar year 2004 is also included in this 2004 CTP annual report.

1. Committee Membership

The CTP membership structure remained intact during the entire calendar year 2004, the period covered by this present annual report, as was initially approved for cycle 2002-2005 by the CEAL Executive Committee in summer 2002. It was:

  • Kio Kanda, Library of Congress;
  • Shiok Lim, Queens Borough Public Library;
  • Philip Melzer (Recent Past Chair), Library of Congress;
  • Hideyuki Morimoto (Chair), Columbia University;
  • Hee-sook Shin, Columbia University;
  • Hisami Konishi Springer, University of Hawaii at Manoa;
  • Daphne Hsu-Kuang Wang, University of Oregon;
  • Iping King Wei, Princeton University; and
  • Abraham J. Yu (Recent Past Chair; Ex Officio), University of California, Irvine.

2. Committee Annual Sessions

The 2004 CTP annual session was held on 3 March 2004 in San Diego, Calif. Presentations included "Serials Control Project at the University of Washington (Seattle) East Asia Library," Ms. Xiaoli Li, University of California, Davis; "A New Way to Add Chinese Characters with Pinyin on Chinese Bound Periodicals," Mr. Jinfu Lu, University of Pittsburgh; and "Update: CJK-Related Cataloging at LC," Mr. Kio Kanda, LC. Those were followed by a Committee Chair report; and a summary of cataloging questions and answers. A detailed written report of the 2004 CTP annual session was prepared by Ms. Hee-sook Shin and placed at URL: http://cealctp.lib.uci.edu/.

CTP also worked on agenda for the 2005 CTP session. A plan as it stood as of the end of December 2004 is as follows.

  • VIAF, LEAF, and Inclusion of References in Original Scripts in Authority Records; Dr. Barbara B. Tillett;
  • Latest Developments of HKCAN: Mr. Patrick Lo, Ms. Maria Laiche Lau, and Mr. Owen M.L. Tam;
  • Cataloging Questions Received and Answers; Committee Members;
  • Update: CJK-Related Cataloging at LC: Mr. Kio Kanda; and
  • CTP General Reports.

Since CTP is eligible for funding, with priority within CEAL, for the 2005 CEAL annual meetings, as long as approved by the CEAL Executive Board, CTP submitted in summer 2004 a funding request to support one of the non-CEAL member guest speakers in travel expenses, of which the Board approved.

3. Committee Workshop

The following workshops:

  1. SCCTP Electronic Serials Cataloging Workshop
    Monday, 28 March 2005 (full day)
    Prof. Margaret Mering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  2. SCCTP Integrating Resources Cataloging Workshop
    Tuesday, 29 March 2005 (full day)
    Prof. Debra Shapiro, University of Wisconsin-Madison

will be held at the University of Chicago prior immediately to the 2005 CEAL annual meetings to be held in Chicago.

The University of Chicago Library has been extending generous and strong support during the course of preparation for the Workshops and will play a pivotal role on actual Workshops as well as immediately preceding days. Nonetheless, since the Workshops will be held in Chicago, away from any CTP member's work, and that SCCTP workshops call for a variety of logistics arrangements, to which few CTP members could spend time, CTP requested in summer 2004 from the CEAL Executive Board approval for establishment, within CTP, the Task Force for 2005 Cataloging Workshops Logistics Arrangements, with the following membership:

  • Sarah Su-erh Elman, Yale University;
  • Hideyuki Morimoto (Chair), Columbia University;
  • Setsuko Noguchi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
  • Keiko Suzuki, Yale University;
  • Iping King Wei, Princeton University; and
  • Abraham J. Yu (Ex Officio), University of California, Irvine.

The CEAL Executive Board approved of this request. In addition, the East Asia Library at Yale University provided technological support to Task Force activities, beyond the Task Force membership enumerated above.

An announcement was distributed to CEAL members through Eastlib in September 2004; and actual registration arrangements were made thereafter. Despite assessed fees to cover necessary expenses, such as instructional materials replication right charges for the sufficient number of copies, photoduplication/binding/shipment of instructional materials, and travel expense reimbursement and honoraria to instructors, strong interest in these workshops was apparent among CEAL members, as CTP had anticipated. As per SCCTP guidelines as to the maximum number of participants in each SCCTP workshop, some twenty CEAL members were admitted to both Workshops, while some others wishing to attend could not be accommodated in the final participants lists.

Registration fees were collected from those on the final participants lists for deposit with the CEAL account within AAS. Through the attendance application process, all had indicated their understanding that some funds from the collected registration fees will be set aside for contingency, that there are some expenses, such as instructor travel expenses, that cannot exactly be pre-planned, and that any unspent funds out of the collected registration fees will remain in the CEAL coffers for future CEAL activities that the CEAL Executive Board would deem beneficial.

A needs assessment questionnaire form for each of the two Workshops was finalized and distributed, in December 2004, to all participant in the 28-29 March 2005 Workshops. Responses will be summarized for submission to each Workshop instructor in advance of the Workshops.

A Task Force member conducted in summer 2004 research as to options for photoduplication/binding/shipment of instructional materials. At an appropriate time in early 2005, Workshop instruction materials will be ordered from LC's Cataloging Distribution Service; and arrangements for actual photoduplication/binding/shipment will be made.

4. Committee Activities

CTP members, Daphne Wang and Iping Wei, in cooperation with Philip Melzer, made concerted efforts to further work on the Chinese romanization guidelines so that confusions among CEAL members may be minimized.

In addition, CTP continued to work on the following committee activities with a specific focal point assigned to each initially set up for the current CTP cycle.

  1. Planning/preparation for CTP sessions at 2003/2004/2005 Annual Meetings;
  2. Considering relevance of (a) Committee workshop(s), and, if deemed significant and feasible, planning/preparation for such (a) workshop(s);
  3. Further work with AACR2 Workbook for East Asian Publications, 2nd ed. (focal point: Philip Melzer; collaborators: Shiok Lim, Hee-sook Shin, and Hisami Springer);
  4. Maintenance of the Committee Web site (contents manager: Hee-ˇ©sook Shin; site manager: Abraham Yu);
  5. Collecting pinyin romanization questions from CEAL members for securing answers from LC (focal points: Daphne Wang; and Iping Wei);
  6. Organizing pinyin romanization questions from CEAL members for securing answers from LC (focal points: Daphne Wang; and Iping Wei);
  7. Exploring the ways to ensure that general CJK cataloging questions (excluding those related to pinyin romanization and Chinese geographic names) of CEAL members submitted to CPSO receive timely responses;
  8. 053 addition in literary author name authority records, based on the lists previously compiled by the Committee, cycle 1999-2002 (focal points: Daphne Wang (for Chinese literary authors); Hisami Springer (for Japanese literary authors); and Hideyuki Morimoto, with help of Shiok Lim (for Korean literary authors--Korean author project component completed in 2002)); and
  9. 053 addition proposal submission to LC in subject authority records, based on the CJK period subdivisions lists previously compiled by the Committee, cycle 1999-2002 (focal point: Hideyuki Morimoto)

A report regarding items (1) and (2) were presented in previous sections above. As to item (3), some chapters were released to the general public within the LC web site. Item (4) is obviously ongoing. Beside these, tangible and positive results were already generated with activities (5), (6), (7), and (8).

5. Functions within CEAL

CTP members, Hee-sook Shin, Hisami Konishi Springer, IpingKing Wei, Abraham J. Yu, and Hideyuki Morimoto, attended the 2004 CEAL preconference workshop, XML for East Asian Librarians, held in San Diego on 2 March 2004 by the CEAL Committee on Library Technology.

CTP Chair continued to represent CTP in the CEAL Executive Board. In 2004, he: assumed responsibility to work on studying the proposal, submitted by CEAL members, for comprehensive review of LCSH/NAR/SAR entries for East Asian studies materials; and offered input with regard to CEAL business, including the CEAL web site location, future of JEAL, 2005 CEAL election procedure set-up, and CEAL funding disbursement.

6. Collaboration with Relevant External Individuals and Organizations

CTP tried to develop and maintain collaborating relationship with other external individuals and organizations than LC. Such activities included: expansion of professional channels with librarians in East Asia supportive of CJK cataloging activities, such as direct involvement in access to the HKCAN authority file; and continued monitoring of developments at Japan National Diet Library (NDL) and National Institute of Informatics (NII) regarding release to the general public of their machine-readable authority records.

CTP Chair also continued with his responsibility as elected Secretary of the Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Section within ACRL and assumed his responsibility as appointed member of the Subject Access Committee within ALCTS' Cataloging and Classification Section. He maintained communication with the Cataloging and Classification Committee for Asian and African Materials within ALCTS' Cataloging and Classification Section and provided some background information regarding CEAL's collaboration with LC on Chinese romanization guidelines.

Hisami Konishi Springer and Hideyuki Morimoto attended Practical Workshop for Overseas Librarians on Early Japanese Books held at the National Institute of Japanese Literature in Tokyo in February 2004. CTP Chair also made a presentation on East Asian libraries in North America at the 2nd Workshop--Dialogue through Digital Libraries held in July 2004 in Tokyo. In addition to ALA Midwinter and ALA Annual meetings, he attended: New York Technical Services Librarians' presentation, FRBR Basics, AACR, and the OPAC, NYC, May 2004; On-line Audiovisual Catalogers Biennial Conference, Montreal, October 2004; ALCTS/PALINET Workshop--Rules and Tools for Cataloging Internet Resources, Baltimore, November 2004; New York Technical Services Librarians' program, Paving the Way to a Statewide Digital Repository, NYC, November 2004; and NII Library Week 2004 meeting, Tokyo, December 2004.

7. Conclusion

This present report of the CEAL Committee on Technical Processing summarized the activities from period January 2004; to December 2004, in reference to CEAL reporting regulations. The report covered the following topics: (1) Committee Membership; (2) Committee Annual Sessions; (3) Committee Workshop; (4) Committee Activities; (5) Functions within CEAL; and (6) Collaboration with Relevant External Individuals and Organizations. CTP for term 2002-2005 made much progress in its activities, with new initiatives and modifications necessitated by shifting external factors, in 2004. It is anticipated that, through further engagement in Committee activities by current Committee members, the Committee will continue to respond to ever-changing and additional needs of CEAL members within the realm of CJK technical services operations.