Committee on Technical Processing Annual Report (2009-2011)

Prepared by Sarah S. Elman (Chair)



This report covers activities of the CEAL Committee on Technical Processing (CTP) from April 2009 to March 2011. During these two years, the committee sponsored two cataloging-related workshops in conjunction with CEAL/AAS annual meetings, organized two annual programs, and completed a few important projects. All of these were the results of dedication and hard work from CTP committee as well as subcommittee members.


Committee Membership Change


Eunseung Oh (Stanford University) decided to withdraw her committee membership after her temporary separation from the Stanford University in 2009. Hyoungbae Lee (Korean Studies Librarian, Princeton University) was selected to cover the remaining period.


2010 Program and Workshop


·         Pre-conference NACO workshop on corporate body and geographic names


      CTP collaborated with the CJK NACO Funnel Project to sponsor a 2-day NACO workshop focusing on corporate body and geographic names. It was held at the University of Pennsylvania Library on March 22-23, 2010. Chi-wah Chan, Chinese Studies Librarian at U Penn helped secured the classroom. CTP member Chiaki Sakai handled registration. The instructors were Jiping Wu (LC) and Shuyong Jiang (UIUC) and the facilitators for discussions were Erica Chang (for Korean), Sarah Elman (for Chinese), and Hideyuki Morimoto (for Japanese). Erica and Hideyuki also helped in the preparation of the training materials. Twenty-five other CEAL members attended the workshop. (See minutes at the CTP website for details.)


·         Program for the 2010 annual meeting


The program was divided into two parts: The first part consisted of three speakers on technical services-related issues:


1.      Karen Smith-Yoshimura (OCLC Research) talked about OCLC’s Cooperative Identities Hub.

2.      Philip Melzer (LC) reported on Processing Update from the Library of Congress.

3.      Charlene Chou (Columbia University) reported on her experiences at IFLA focusing on emerging standards and guidelines related to cataloging.


The second part was a joint program between CTP and the Committee on Public Services focusing on the second generation catalogs. Te following three presentations were selected among several proposals submitted by CEAL members: (The presentation files can be found at the CTP web site.)


1.      Discovering East Asian Resources through Next Generation Catalogs (NGC): Enhancements and Issues (Xiuying Zou, University of Pittsburg)

2.      Next Generation OPAC – VuFind at the University of Michigan (Mari Suzuki, University of Michigan)

3.      Yufind & OPAC requirements for CJK plus (Keiko Suzuki & Tang Li, Yale University)


The last presentation of the program was “Google: Past, Present and Future” by Jon Orwant, Google Representative. It generated very lively discussions afterwards.


It was the first time these two functionally different CEAL committees worked together and the result was very successful. It set a good example for committee collaboration. As a result, more joint sessions were organized by other committees the following year.



2011 Program and Workshop


·         Program for the 2011 annual meeting:


The theme for this year’s program was “creative technical services ideas.” Presentation proposals were solicited among CEAL members and the following three finalists were chosen by the CTP committee members:


1.      Jee-Young Park (Columbia University) -- Using technological devices to improve cataloging productivity

2.      Ping Situ (University of Arizona) -- PDA (Patron-Driven Acquisition): An All-You-Can-Read Buffet--Impact, Challenges and Opportunities for Technical Services in a Team-based Organization.

3.      Yunah Sung (University of Michigan) -- Creative In-House Technical Services ideas at University of Michigan Asia Library


A panel discussion on RDA Testing was also organized. Three CEAL members from universities participating in the official RDA Test were invited to share their experiences with the audience: Erminia Chao (Brigham Young University), Charlene Chou (Columbia University), and Jai-Hysa Tsao (University of Chicago). Charlene also reported on her trip to Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to discuss RDA with librarians in those places.


The chair of CTP also reported on the revision of the Descriptive Cataloging for East Asian Materials: CJK Examples of AACR2 and Library of Congress Rule Interpretations as well as the CEAL members’ participation in the LC Religion Genre/Form Headings Project—East Asian religions.


(The presentation slides as well as questions and answers can be found at the CTP Website.)


·         Post-Conference Cataloging Workshop on Films and Video-recordings


In order to avoid conflict with the Korean Librarians Workshop which was held before the CEAL meeting, the CTP cataloging workshop was scheduled after CEAL meeting. The trainer for the workshop was Peter Lisius, Music and Media Catalog Librarian at Kent State University. Several CTP members contributed their time and effort to make the workshop possible. Because Peter has not had extensive experience with East Asian materials, CTP member Shi Deng helped him prepare training materials by providing CJK examples as well as answering related questions. Although not a CTP member, Doris Seely also contributed the cheat sheet she prepared for her personal use. Part of it was incorporated into the training materials. Chiaki Sakai did a great job handling registration and financial matters. The University of Hawaii Library generously provided their newly remodeled multifunctional room as the classroom. Erica Chang worked very hard with the UH Library Administration as well as the IT office to get the place ready for the workshop. The University Librarian, Paula Mochita, opened the workshop by giving a welcome speech. Forty-seven catalogers from United States, Canada, and Hong Kong attended the workshop. (Training materials and Q&As are available at the CTP website.)


Committee Projects


            Members of the CTP as well as other CEAL librarians undertook several important projects during these two years:


1.      Review of RDA Draft.


Under Shi Deng’s great leadership, the RDA Review Subcommittee completed its mission to review and provide comments pertaining to East Asian materials to the Joint Steeling Committee (JSC). The Committee was formed in Dec. 2005 under the previous Committee on Technical Processing, and Shi Deng was appointed as the coordinator. After the CTP changed its membership in March 2008, it was decided that the subcommittee should continue until RDA was formerly released. In September 2008, the subcommittee was regrouped with some changes of membership. The following chart illustrates the change of membership:


First Term Membership (2005-2008)  

*-- Outgoing members

Second Term Membership (2008-2011)

*-- New members


Ai-lin Yang (Stanford)

Chwang Chia Yang (LC)

Daphne Wang (U. Oregon)

Dawn Lawson (NYU)*

Edwin Yu (CJKat)

Evelyn Kuo (UC Berkeley)*

Iping K. Wei (Princeton)*

Jai-hsya Tsao (U. Chicago)

Joy Kim (USC)*

Wen-Ling D. Liu (Indiana)*

Nanako Kodaira (Duke)   

Shi Deng (UCSD, Coordinator)

Thomas  Tsai (LC)*

Wayne Richter (W. Washington)

Young-ki Lee (LC)*

Ai-lin Yang (Stanford)

Chwang Chia Yang (LC)

Chiaki Sakai (U. Iowa) *         

Daphne Wang (U. Oregon)

Dongyun Ni (U. Hawaii) *

Edwin Yu (CJKat)

Erica Chang (U. Hawaii) *

Fabiano Takashi Rocha (U. Toronto) *

Hee-Sook Shin (Columbia) *

Hisami Konishi Springer (U. Hawaii) *

Jai-hsya Tsao (U. Chicago)

Nanako Kodaira (Duke)

Sachie Kobayashi (U. Pittsburgh) *

Shi Deng (UCSD, Coordinator)

Wayne Richter (W. Washington)

Yunah Sung (U. Michigan) *


Abraham J. Yu (UC Irvine, CEAL past president)

Beatrice Chang Ohta (LC)

Hideyuki Morimoto (Columbia, Chair, ALA/CC:AAM RDA Task Force)

Philip A Melzer (LC, CEAL president)

Sarah S. Elman (Yale, ALA/CC:AAM RDA Task Force)

Abraham J. Yu (UC Irvine, CEAL past president)

Beatrice Chang Ohta (LC)

Hideyuki Morimoto (Columbia, Chair, ALA/CC:AAM RDA Task Force)

Philip A Melzer (LC, CEAL past president)

Sarah S. Elman (Columbia, ALA/CC:AAM RDA Task Force)



Mary Lin (Wisconsin-Madison, Chair, CTP)

Sarah S. Elman (Columbia, Chair, CTP)

Comments Consolidation

Dawn Lawson

Nanako Kodaira

Shi Deng

Shi Deng


Subcommittee members reviewed several RDA rules specifically related to East Asian materials (some under the request of JSC) until March 2009 when the review process was completed. In June 2010, RDA was officially released. (See Shi Deng’s final report on the CTP web site for details.)

2.      Revising and releasing the RLG Cataloging Guidelines for Creating Chinese Rare Book Records in Machine-Readable Form on the Cataloger’s Desktop.


Sarah Elman worked with Soren Edgren (Princeton University) and Bruce Johnson (Library of Congress) to revise and update the printed Cataloging Guidelines for Creating Chinese Rare Book Records in Machine-Readable Form and released it in an electronic format on the Cataloger’s Desktop. Major changes included conversion from Wade-Giles to Pinyin Romanization, updating cataloging rules that had been changed since the Guidelines were published in 2000, and correcting typographic errors. The paper copy was a limited publication only accessible to a number of people. The new release made the resource available to librarians worldwide whose institutions subscribed to the Cataloger’s Desktop.


3.      Revision of the Descriptive Cataloging for East Asian Materials: CJK Examples of AACR2 and Library of Congress Rule Interpretations.


Since its release a few years ago, the Descriptive Cataloging for East Asian Materials: CJK Examples of AACR2 and Library of Congress Rule Interpretations has been frequently used by many new and seasoned catalogers. However, there had been many cataloging rule changes in the past few years and the CTP Chair felt the need to update the DCEAM chapters to reflect those changes. After getting the support from the Library of Congress, the revision project started in May 2010. Erica Chang, Shi Deng, and Hideyuki Morimoto were asked to coordinate the work for their perspective languages. The following people were involved in the project:


Chinese -- Shi Deng, Sarah Elman, Shuyong Jiang, Jia Xu, Shu Yue
Japanese -- Hideyuki Morimoto
Korean -- Erica Chang, Hyoungbae Lee, Jee-Young Park


Philip Melzer of LC provided MS Word files for all chapters which were then forwarded to each member. Sarah Elman consolidated the files at the end. The project was completed in December 2010 and forwarded to LC for further review. Major changes included:


·         Updated Korean Romanization, word division & spacing

·         Added CONSER Standard Record rules for serials (chapter 12) and reference to BIBCO Standard Records

·         Updated practice for recording series, i.e., from 440 to 490/830

·         Changed notes describing East Asian traditional materials

·         Corrected errors


4.      LC Religion Genre/Form Headings Project—East Asian religions

In May 2010 Cameron J. Campbell, Director of Indexes, American Theological Library Association, contacted Sarah Elman to see if members of the CTP would be interested in joining the Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Religious Materials Project to propose terms related to East Asian religions. Considering that the scope of the project is beyond the expertise of the CTP, Sarah sent a call for volunteers to Eastlib. Several CEAL members responded. In order to cover all East Asian countries, Sarah also invited additional people to join later. As of late March, the following librarians had contributed headings:

·         Erminia Chao (Brigham Young University)

·         Charlene Chou (Columbia University)

·         Sarah S. Elman (Columbia University)

·         Lauran Hartley (Columbia University)

·         Tang Li (Yale University)

·         Toshie Marra (UCLA)

·         Hideyuki Morimoto (Columbia University)

·         Jee-Young Park (Columbia University)

·         Chiaki Sakai (University of Iowa)

·         Hee-sook Shin (Columbia University)

·         Keiko Suzuki (Yale University)

After AAS/CEAL annual meeting, a draft list of terms on major East Asian religions—Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto, Shamanism, etc., was sent to Eastlib for comments. The revised list was sent to the project coordinator at the end of April 2011 and the first phase of work was completed. The final deadline for the project is the end of 2011. Additional revision of the terms might still be needed in the coming months.

Projects discussed but not undertaken


·         Explore the feasibility of establishing a separate venue for technical services librarians to communicate with one another and ask technical questions—e.g., a separate discussion list, Wiki, or round table discussion at CEAL/AAS.


Some technical services librarians expressed that they did not feel comfortable asking technical questions on Eastlib because many Eastlib subscribers were not interested in cataloging issues. The committee briefly discussed the feasibility of establishing another communication venue, but no conclusion was reached. One of the major concerns was that most people already had too many e-mail lists to deal with, adding another venue might not be desirable to some.


·         Establish a cataloging Q&A (or FAQ) site within the CTP website to serve as a clearing
house for CJK cataloging questions.


The original plan was to collect and summarize cataloging questions and answers communicated between East Asian catalogers and the Library of Congress, and post it on the CTP web site. It would have been a time-consuming but useful project. Unfortunately, the committee did not fine time to do it. Future CTP members can decide whether they want to re-consider this project or not.


Possible workshop topics for the future: These are topics suggested by CEAL and CTP members:


·         Advanced cataloging

·         RDA

·         Cataloging legal resources, cartographic materials, archival materials, digital resources, CJK rare books, etc.



Finally, the out-going Chair of CTP would like to express sincere gratitude to the following committee members for their great service during the three-year term:


·         Erica Soonyoung Chang (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

·         Shi Deng (UC San Diego)

·         Shuyong Jiang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

·         Hyoungbae Lee (2010-2011; Princeton University)

·         Hideyuki Morimoto (Senior Consultant ; Columbia University)

·         Eunseung Oh (2008-2009; Sanford University)

·         Chiaki Sakai (University of Iowa)

·         Yue Shu (Smithsonian Institution Libraries)

·         Fabiano Takashi Rocha (University of Toronto Libraries)

·         Jia Xu (University of Iowa Libraries)