Response/Comments from CEAL RDA Review Committee on CJK Examples

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2.15.2 Publisher’s number for music


Original comments:

May need to include rules and examples for the publisher number of sound recordings and video recordings because they are not mentioned in any other parts of RDA.


Additional comments:

According to the recently released Guide to Cataloging DVD and Blu-ray Discs Using AACR2r and MARC 21 (p. 30), it uses the term “Manufacturer’s number” instead of publisher’s number for video recordings.  The number(s) provided on an item of video recording could be publisher’, distributor’s, and/or manufacturer’s number(s). Thus it may be appropriate to add examples and/or an instruction for sound recordings and video recordings


Some examples for sound recordings:


ARC Music: EUCD 2103 


Universal/Platina Entertainment: 476 166-8


[the following 5 examples are all publisher’s number:]

角頭音樂: TCM-200310

Jiao tou yin yue: TCM-200310



Anhui wen hua yin xiang chu ban she:



Note: Publisher no.: GH-245-1--GH-245-2 (on container: GH-245).

(Numbers for the set and for each CD individually)


Wind Records:



Note: Wind Records: CB-19 (TCD-5031--TCD-5032).

(Numbers for the set and for each CD individually)


Shōgakukan: STZ 13--STZ 23


YBM 서울음반: SRCD-1591

YBM Sŏul Ŭmban: SRCD-1591



Some examples for video recordings:


广州俏佳人文化播有限公司: DE1341

Guangzhou qiao jia ren wen hua chuan bo you xian gong si: DE1341

(Distributor’s number)


九洲音像出版公司: AD164

Jiu Zhou yin xiang chu ban gong si: AD164

广文化展有限公司: MDA80815

Guangdong zhong kai wen hua fa zhan you xian gong si: MDA80815

(the first is publisher and the second is distributor’s numbers on the same item)


Bandai Visual: BCBJ-3086

(Publisher and distributor)


Criterion Collection: CC1752D

(Publisher’s number)


VAP Video:

VPBT-15911 (DVD-Box set)

VPBT-15246 (one individual in the set)

(Publisher’s number on box set and individual)


대경DVD: DKV-6449

Taegyŏng DVD: DKV-6449

(Publisher’s number)


목란비데오: MV-1982

Mongnan Pideo: MV-1982

(Publisher’s number)


Examples of combination of sound and video recordings:


Wind Records:




Note: Wind Records: CB-111 (TCD-5048, WDVD-004).

(Publisher’s numbers for the set and for each disc individually)


Additional Comments:

Comments from one member: Can we use as examples original language and script to describe the name of the agencies, etc., responsible for assigning the identifier?  The following three, English form, romanization form, and Japanese form, refer to the same agency.  While some publishers/manufacturers in East Asia have English forms of their companies’ names but others not, there may be inconsistency in describing agencies’ names.  Some libraries use both the original language and romanization as in九洲音像.


This refers to the publisher’s name recorded in MARC 028 subfield b. For current practice, there is no equivalent instruction as AARC2 6.4D2 for video recordings, there has been inconsistent practice on recording publisher’s name in 028|b described above. So ALA should be aware the issue and address it when implementing RDA in near future.


Examples of publisher/distributor’s name in more than one form or more than one language/script



バンダイビジュアル: BCBJ-3086  [original language]

Bandai Bijuaru: BCBJ-3086              [romanization]

Bandai Visual: BCBJ-3086                [English form]


株式会社バップ,: VPBT-15911

Kabushiki Kaisha Vappu: VPBT-15911

VAP Video: VPBT-15911



風潮有聲出版有限公司: TCD-5048                                                         [original language]

Feng chao you sheng chu ban you xian gong si: TCD-5048              [romanization]

Wind Records: TCD-5048                                                                               [English form]


滾石唱片: ROD5198-4

Gun shi chang pian: ROD5198-4

Rock Records: ROD5198-4


角頭音樂: TCM-200310

Jiao tou yin yue: TCM-200310

Taiwan Colors Music Co.: TCM-200310


華納國際音樂股份有限公司: 0927-44248-2

Hua na guo ji yin yue gu fen you xian gong si: 0927-44248-2

Warner Music (or Warner Music Taiwan): 0927-44248-2

(Example of international publisher/distributor who has branch in Taiwan)


Hong Kong

亞洲影帶出版社有限公司: AVPASIA101

Yazhou ying dai chu ban she you xian gong si: AVPASIA101

Asia Video Publishing Co.: AVPASIA101


China (distributor)

广东中凯文化发展有限公司: MDA10105

Guangdong zhong kai wen hua fa zhan you xian gong si: MDA10105

中凯文化 (short form or brand name or label name): MDA10105

Zhong kai wen hua: MDA10105

Zoke Culture (English form for label or brand name): MDA10105
 Other Variant Title for the Work


Original comments: Lack CJK examples to illustrate the instruction


Example of other variant title for the work


For example:




Preferred title recorded as:    上下五千年




Preferred title recorded as:     一千零一夜

(Note: this is Chinese translation of: Arabian nights. Another Chinese translation title: 天方夜谭. This example can be used also under Alternative Linguistic Form of Title for the Work)




Preferred title recorded as:     鶴山李仁榮全集




Preferred title recorded as:     和英対照日本美術用語辞典 Recording identifiers for works

Original comments: It would be nice to have a DVD barcode example to illustrate the instruction.


夕凪の街 桜の国 (OCLC: 268995459):

Barcode on DVD: 4933364611499


鏡獅子(OCLC: 64393716):

Barcode on DVD: 4988105026278


Note: The examples of identifier provided here is JAN code, a 13 digit number consists of 2 digit country code + 10 item number + check digit (possibly UPC barcode) on a DVD item. We could get confused about identifier for a manifestation and for a work. If the examples given here is not appropriate, please provide a possible example of identifier for a work in DVD format, not necessary in CJK. Please also provide instruction and examples on how to differentiate an identifier for a work/expression from an identifier for a manifestation, in RDA or in Rule Interpretation of RDA, if possible.


Additional comments: current practice has not been consistent about whether to record UPC in a bib record. A suggestion was brought up at the CJK Users Group listserv to record UPC for easy retrieve the record by scanning the barcode. This is the issue that needs to be addressed for consistent practice when implementing RDA 2.15.















































Appendix: JSC/ALA Follow-up Request for Comments on Examples


From: Myers, John F.

Sent: Thu 1/8/2009 5:35 PM

To: Myers, John F.

Cc: Kathy Winzer []; Adam L. Schiff []

Subject: Last 3 Examplars for requested examples in the CC:DA wiki?


Dear Shi Deng,


Below are comments you submitted on behalf of CEAL that involved a request for examples under specific rules.  I know that CEAL was particularly conscientious about submitting exemplars with its requests for examples in the other sections.  I was wondering if I might prevail upon you and CEAL to provide the last three that you requested.  Could you poll your group to see if they can come up with specific exemplars that could then be sent to the Examples Work Groups?  I'm certain they would appreciate the expertise.  This will go into the ALA response, but will be fairly pro forma, so I think that something by the end of the month would be reasonable.


Here they the comments you provided:


Rule 2.15.2 "Publisher's Number for Music"


May need to include rules and examples for the publisher number of sound recordings and video recordings because they are not mentioned in any other parts of RDA. Shi Deng for CEAL (entered by Myers) Other Variant Title for the Work


Statement of problem:Lack CJK examples to illustrate the instruction

Solution and Reason:Did not have a time to find one, if need, please contact me.

Name: Shi Deng; Institutional Affiliation: CEAL CTP RDA Review Committee

Email: Recording identifiers for works


Statement of problem: It would be nice to have an DVD barcode example to illustrate the instruction.

Name: Shi Deng  Institutional Affiliation: CEAL CTP RDA Review Committee




Thank you for your continued efforts at reviewing RDA, John John Myers, Catalog Librarian Schaffer Library, Union College Schenectady NY 12308