Comments on instructions for musical works (6.15-6.19 and 6.28) made in a separate response to 5JSC/LC/12/LC follow-up.



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Choosing the Preferred Title for a Musical Work

Choose as the preferred title for a musical work the composer’s original title in the language in which it was presented.


Language issue was not consistently addressed here, suggest to add instruction on dealing with cases that original language can’t be determined.


If the language of the original title can’t be easily determined when there is more than one language, choose the one appear first


choose the language and scripts preferred by the agency creating the data


refer to related rules…


Reasoning: For a composer with multi cultural background, how do you know and determine the original language of his/her title in which it was presented, only based on an item in hand when more than one language presented?


[Jim] In addition, "presented" in a musical situation is an ambiguous word. Does it refer to first performance? First publication? First draft of manuscript?


Examples can be used:

螳螂捕蟬, 黃雀在後 / 潘皇龍 = Cause, effect : (2001) / Pan, Hwang-Long

English form chosen as preferred. (OCLC# 190585609) Whoever cataloged this title totally ignored the transcription in Chinese.


禮運大同 : 管絃樂協奏曲為人聲與管弦樂團三章 = Harmony of the world : concerto for orchestra : three movements for voice and orchestra (1986/1990)

Chinese form chosen as preferred.


貓嬉 / 李元貞 = Cat's romp : (2003) / Li, Yuan-Chen

Chinese form chosen as preferred



Recording the Preferred Title for a Part or Parts of a Musical Work

There is no guidance on choice of language for numbering, would like to see further clarity addressing this issue



Recording Alternative Linguistic Forms as Variant Titles for Musical Works

Reorganize examples like will be helpful and consistent. Highlight captions in boldface



Serials number

There the text just shows “no.” and give no guidance as to language, would like to see further clarity addressing the issue




Opus Number

Record the opus number, if any, and the number within the opus, if any


Lack instruction on dealing with Opus number in different language and script. Should add something like “recording numeric designations in the form preferred by the agency creating the data.“


I have see opus # in Chinese (C小調鋼琴協奏曲 : 作品53 = C xiao diao gang qin xie zou qu : zuo pin 53 [op. 53]) used in composed work by Chinese composer published in Taiwan.



General Guidelines on Constructing Variant Access Points Representing Works


For Example:

Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870. Posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club

Preferred access point for the work: Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870. Pickwick papers

Suggest to add example under p. 167 after first example


Pan, Huanglong, 1945-


Formosa landscapes


Preferred access point for the work: Pan, Huanglong, 1945- Taiwan feng qing gua