Special Interest Group on Genealogy and East Asian Diasporas

Vision Statement
This group aims to identify pertinent materials available in North America, facilitate access to their content, and services. It is committed to promoting collaborations that will benefit the participating organizations and the study of East Asian diasporas in general. It is intended to be a broad-based task group comprising of CEAL members who have custodial responsibilities of materials on East Asian diasporas anywhere in the world, which are physically located in North America. Potential areas of collaboration are digitization, collection development, exhibits, support for visiting researchers and multicultural librarianship.

At the annual CEAL meetings, the group will showcase and build on the success of the established institutions and on-going projects while providing a platform for spring-boarding new initiatives. It will actively pursue a cohesive development strategy through cooperation amongst members. Signed-up members for specific projects will deliver progress reports at the venue.

Genealogy and East Asian Diasporas Wiki
We can use the Wiki to discuss what issues and programs we would like to pursue, in general and specifically in preparation for our meeting next March in Philadelphia. Please feel completely free to comment on any issue posted on the wiki, or to start a new discussion (relevant to the group of course).

2011 Meeting, Honolulu, March 30th
Due to the exceptionally full schedule of meetings, the 2011 meeting of the Genealogy & East Asian Diaspora Group was held at the same time as other meetings. For those who were unable to attend, we offer the four PowerPoint presentations from the program.
     Macy Zheng (McGill) Cultural life of the Chinese Community in Montreal
     Helen Kim & Hye Jin Juhn (UBC) Korean Canadian Heritage Archive Database Project
     Ken Klein (USC) Genetic Genealogy and East Asian Print Collections
     Tao Yang (Rutgers) From Immigrants to Citizens: Records of Chinese Political Participation in New Jersey, 1991-2010 (report on a book project)
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