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Working With the CEAL Website (PowerPoint)
a PDF of Rob Britt's PowerPoint Presentation at the AAS/CEAL 2008 in Atlanta

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Creating a Page   
You can create a page for your committee on your own computer. The best way to do that is by using web editing software such as Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Expression Web, or Adobe Dreamweaver.  For a complete list of HTML editors, click here for a Wikipedia article, "List of HTML Editors."
Transferring Files to the CEAL Server  (using Windows File Navigator (IE) or Filezilla)   
When you have finished editing your new files, you need to transfer them to the CEAL server (  To do that, use either Windows File Navigator (Internet Explorer) or Filezilla.

Using Windows File Navigator (Internet Explorer FTP)   
1) Right Click the green "Start" Button (lower left corner of the screen)

2) On the right-click menu, click "Explore"
Start Windows File Navigator

3) Windows Explorer opens:
Windows Explorer

4) Type the ftp address for the CEAL server into the "Address" box, and press "Go":
Windows Explorer View

5) Next, the "Log on as" Dialog box appears.  Type user name and password (provided by the CEAL Library Technology Committee)..
Logon Screen

6) Connect!  You are now connected to the folder for your committee. 
(In the example below, the connection is to the CEAL Library Technology Committee folder)
Windows Explorer View 2

7) Copy your files from your hard drive to the ftp site, using copy paste.
Windows Explorer View 3

Using FileZilla, the Free FTP Software       
You can use FileZilla.  Download and use FileZilla to transfer your files to the CEAL server. Downloading and Installing FileZilla
1) Go to the Filezilla website:
2) Select "Download FilleZilla Client"
FileZilla View

3) After downloading, copy the file to an empty folder on your desktop.
4) Follow the directions and install FileZilla Using FileZilla
1) Start FileZilla, and insert the CEAL FTP server address in the "Host" box.  Insert the username, and password. 
Type the Port number: "21".
Press "Quickconnect."
FileZilla View2 2) Notice the files listed in your "Local" site and in the "Remote" site (the CEAL FTP server)
Filezilla View 3 3) Use copy and paste to FTP files from Local to Remote
FileZilla View 5

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