2006 Annual Meeting Agenda

Thursday, April 6, 2006
8:30-10:20 AM

Yerba Buena Ballroom-Salon 8, San Francisco Marriott

8:30 am

Opening and Introduction of the CKM Members
--Mikyung Kang (Chair), Stanford University

8:30-8:45 am Searching Tips for National Library of Korea's Full-text Database and Online Catalog
--Youngmi Hong, National Library of Korea
8:45-9:05 am Full-text Database on Korean History by NIKH (National Institute of Korean History)
--Hyun-young Kim, Bum Kim, and Sung-jee Joo, National Institute of Korean History
9:05-9:20 am Sharing Korean Full-text Thesis & Dissertation Online Databases in Korea
--Younghee Lim, Seoul National University Library
9:20-9:40 am Korean Romanization Revision Project
--Yunah Sung, University of Michigan
9:40-9:50 am Cooperative Team Efforts for Making a Korean Romanization Dictionary
--Wooseob Jeong, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
9:50-10:00 am Table of Contents (TOC) Project for Multi-volume Sets
--Hee-sook Shin, Columbia University
10:00-10:10 am Between Liberation Space and Time of Need, 1945-1950: An Exhibition of Rare Literary Works from the Korean Collection of the University of Washington Libraries
--Hyokyoung Yi, University of Washington, Seattle
10:10-10:15 am Report on the Korean Collections Consortium of North America
--Kyungmi Chun, University of Hawaii
10:15-10:20 am Report on the Worksop for Overseas Librarians 2005
--Mikyung Kang, Stanford University
10:20 am Announcemnts and Closing
--Mikyung Kang (Chair), Stanford University