OCLC CJK Users Group

**Attention** This is an archived version of the OCLC CJK Users Group website from 1991-2018. Please click the link to access our new website.

The OCLC CJK Users Group was officially established at an organizing meeting held on April 10, 1991 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Over 40 people attended the meeting and voted the adoption of the revised version of the bylaws. Eugene Wu (Harvard-Yenching Library) was elected the Chair of the Group. According to the bylaws, the Chair appointed a Nominating Committee, consisting of Maureen Donovan (Ohio State University), Karl Lo (University of California, San Diego), and Taemin Park (Indiana University) to nominate a slate of names to stand for election to fill the positions on the Group's Executive Board -- a Vice Chair/Chair Elect, a Chinese Officer, a Japanese Officer, a Korean Officer, and a Member-at-Large. The result of the Executive Board election was officially announced on May 31, 1991 by the Chair.

Our Purpose:

  1. To encourage and facilitate the exchange of ideas and information between OCLC and the members of the Group, and between the members of the Group and similar users' group.

  2. To advise OCLC on problems, programs, and policies that affect library services in East Asian studies.

  3. To promote cooperation among OCLC CJK users and to maintain standards for use of the OCLC system.

  4. To provide a forum for discussion of East Asian library issues as they arise and formulate official positions for the Group on these issues in response to proposals or surveys by other library groups.

How We Got Started: