The Anymeeting.com Webinar Tool for CEAL
CEAL has set up an account with the online Webinar tool, Anymeeting.com. The account is for the use of CEAL members to create webinars in order to share information about East Asian libraries and librarianship. Webinars are a great tool for sharing information, both live and archived. This page is intended to help you get started creating great webinars about a wide variety of East Asian library-related topics.

Learn About Webinars   
Please see the links below for access to Anymeeting.com, and more information. Please note that Anymeeting.com provides a free service. If you'd like to learn how to create a webinar in Anymeeting.com, please create your own free Anymeeting.com account, and learn by creating a practice webinar.

When you're ready to create a webinar on aspects of East Asian librarianship to share with colleagues, follow the instructions below to use the CEAL shared account on Anymeeting.com. This account is intended to archive webinars by CEAL members in one place for convenient access.
  • Getting Started   
  • Viewing Webinars
    To view a webinar on Anymeeting.com, you need:
  • Basic setup (see the Anymeeting.com System Test Page, below)
  • Headphone or Speakers
  • Microphone (optional) (Or a USB "headset" (see below)
  • Creating Webinars
    To create a webinar on Anymeeting.com, you need:
  • Basic setup (see the Anymeeting.com System Test Page, below)
  • Headphone with Microphone
  • Headphone/Microphone Recommendation
    For best results, we recommend a USB "headset" (headphone/microphone), which can be purchased for under $50.00. Logitech makes reliable headsets in several models.
    (Click here to view in Google search)
  • Anymeeting.com Homepage
  • Viewing or Creating Webinars
    To use Anymeeting.com for viewing or creating Webinars, your computer needs to meet certain requirements. Click below to find out if your computer is configured correctly. You may need to ask your local computer systems person to help determine if your computer is set up properly. Note that if you want to create Webinars, you will need at least a headphone and microphone. To included videos of yourself, you will need a web camera. To view webinars you will need at least speakers or a headphone attached to your computer.
  • Anymeeting.com System Test Page        
    The System Test page in Anymeeting.com automatically tests your computer and network setup to see if it is ready for viewing and creating Anymeeting.com webinars.
  • Creating Webinars Using Anymeeting.com   
    CEAL has an account on Anymeeting.com. When you're ready to create a webinar to share with colleagues, please contact Shi Deng (sdeng@ucsd.edu) or Rob Britt (rrbritt@uw.edu) for the CEAL shared Anymeeting.com account login and password, and for more information about using the account to create and share CEAL-related webinars.
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