CEAL Technical Services Expertise List
BACKGROUND: At the 2013 CEAL Annual Meeting, the idea was raised that the Committee on Technical Processing should gather cataloging expertise information from CEAL members, so that it would be easier for CEAL members to find colleagues with special skills for consultation or collaboration. As a result, the Committee on Technical Processing worked with the Membership Committee to gather information on the technical services expertise of CEAL members. The survey results are posted in the spreadsheet below.

In order to focus on special skills, the following preconditions were set for the survey:
  1. Include only areas which members can handle confidently and are able to provide advice/guidance to fellow colleagues.
  2. Knowledge/skills in cataloging monographs are assumed.
  3. Knowledge/skills in using Connexion as well as common word-processing and spread sheet applications are assumed

The survey stays open. If anyone wants to be included or wants to update information, click here. We will update the list periodically.

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