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Now Peer Reviewed
New Publication Schedule       
--by Gail King, JEAL Editor
October 13, 2010

As you probably remember, following extensive discussion by the Executive Board and a vote by survey of CEAL members last May, the decision was made to make the Journal of East Asian Libraries into a peer-reviewed journal. At the same time the Board recommended that the frequency of JEAL be changed to two issues per year.

This new twice-a-year publication schedule will begin in 2011 with the February issue, which will be number 152. Beginning with that issue, the February issue will be made up of reports, including the CEAL statistical report, which traditionally appears in the February issue, and other reports that regularly appear in JEAL, such as the NCC report and other East Asian library-related reports. The next issue following February will be the October 2011 issue. It and future October issues will be made up of peer-reviewed articles. These could be rewritten presentations from the annual CEAL meetings, or articles otherwise submitted, both of which will need to go through the peer review process. Thus the new publication schedule and peer-review format will both be introduced in 2011.

Making the transition this way should, I hope, allow time to get a proper peer-review mechanism into place and get the new two-issue-per-year schedule cleanly launched.

In addition to the main sections of each issue—reports in the February issue and peer-reviewed articles in the October issue--each issue will also include a section for institutional news items, personnel notices, obituaries, book reviews, and so on.

Submissions for upcoming issues are welcome. Please send your articles, reports, and news items to The deadline for submissions for the February issue will be December 31, 2010; the deadline for the October issue will be May 31, 2011.
Click to read JEAL editor Gail King's article reviewing the issues and the decision-making process in CEAL regarding peer review for JEAL, through 2005.

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