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CBETA Dian zi fo dian xi lie CBETA 電子佛典系列
(CBETA Chinese Electronic Tripitaka Series) : Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association

CHANT (Chinese Ancient Texts) Database
香港中文大學古文獻資料庫:Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chinese Civilization in Time and Space 中華文明之時空基礎架構: Academia Sinic

Hanji Dianzi Wenxian 漢籍電子文獻: Academia Sinic Computing Center: FULL TEXT CHINESE DATABASES

Princeton East Asian Library Digital Medical Texts

TLS - Thesaurus Linguae Sericae 漢學文典 (Created and maintained by the University of Heidelberg)

四庫全書 (Siku Quanshu) (Internet Archive, Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library, University of Toronto)

四庫全書薈要 (Siku Quanshu Hui yao) (Internet Archive, Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library, University of Toronto)

学苑汲古: 高校古文献资源库 (中国高等教育文献保障系统管理中心)

Online References

ChinaKnowledge : A Universal Gudie for China Studies

China Vitae 中国民人录

Chinese Dictionaries Online

FOREAST: The Internet East Asian Library (Compiled and maintained by Tao Yang, Rutgers University Library)

Index to Ming Dynasty (Compiled by James Cahill and maintained by Harvard Fine Arts Library)

Internet Guide for China Studies (Sinological Institute, Leiden University, Netherlands)

Lexcion of Confucianism 儒學詞典 (Based on a ongoing manuscript of Prof. Lao Sze-kwang)

MCST - Modern Chinese Scientific Terminologies 近現代漢語學術用語研究 (Created and maintained by the University of Heidelberg)

Zhongwen.com : Chinese Characters and Culture

 Online Journals

HKInChip - 香港中文期刊論文索引

PerioPath: Index to Chinese Periodical Literature 1991- 中華民國期刊論文索引影像系統 : National Central Library


Zhongwen Dianzi Kanwu Daquan 中文電子刊物大全

 Online Newspapers

Jiefang ribao 解放日报
People's Daily 人民日报网

Zhongwen Xinwen Meiti Daquan 中文新聞媒體大全 : CyberMedia Network.

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