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The Stories of the Current and Past CEAL Logos

Logo Committee

The CEAL Logo Committee worked on creating a process to select a new CEAL logo, starting in August 2011. Committee members were Rob Britt (Chair), Susan Xue (UC Berkeley), Setsuko Noguchi (Univ. of Illinois), Yunah Sung (Univ. of Michigan), Gail King (Brigham Young), Peter Zhou (UC Berkeley), and Joy Kim (Univ. of Southern California). By April 2012, CEAL members had voted to adopt the new CEAL logo, which was designed by Shirin Eshghi.

Story of the Current CEAL Logo

Shirin Eshghi is the Japanese Language Librarian at the Asian Library, University of British Columbia, Candada. Shirin explains that "...the logo I have created is a play on the name "CEAL". I have tried to make this look like an East Asian seal both in color and shape. I have also attempted to make it look similar to an "@" mark. The purpose of this is to demonstrate how our libraries and our work incorporate the print and paper-based knowledge where seals and books (書) are the foundation, while still moving ahead to the digital."

Alternative Versions of the Current Logo

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Old CEAL Logo
The old CEAL logo was designed by Bob Felsing, Chair of the CEAL Library Technology Committee, and CEAL webmaster from 1996 to 1999.
Old CEAL Logo

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