CCM Annual Meeting and Forum (2004)
CEAL Committee on Chinese Materials (CCM)

2004 CEAL Conference
Committee on Chinese Materials

Thursday, March 4, 2004, 10:40 am - 12:30 pm
Garden Salon I, Town and Country Resort & Convention Center

Opening Remarks (5 min) Karen Wei
Digital Libraries in Taiwan: Recent
Development and Future Plans (20 min)
Chen Chao-chen
National Taiwan Normal U
Digitization of Historical Resources at the National Library of China (15 min) Fei Lan
Zhong Yi Technology
Editing and Publishing of Chinese Classics in the PRC (20 min)* Yang Muzhi
Leading Group of the National Planning of Collating and Publishing of Ancient Classics
China's Modern Textbook Resources (15 min)* Wang Youpeng
Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House
Chinese Underground Film Collection at the UCSD Libraries (15 min) Jim Cheng
Questions & Answers (15 Min)

* indicates the presentation will be conducted in Chinese; abstract in English will be distributed at the meeting.


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