Committee on Korean Materials (CKM)
Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL)

Subcommittee on Korean Studies E-Resources

Current Members (Feb. 2012 - Mar. 2014)
  • Miree Ku (Duke, Chair)
  • Mikyung Kang (Harvard)
  • Sun-Yoon Lee (USC)
  • Hee-Sook Shin (Columbia)

  • Major functions include:
  • working with vendors and members to arrange trials, review and evaluate products for possible new purchases.
  • discussing terms and conditions related to the group purchase of electronic resources.
  • negotiating group purchase prices on behalf of the members.
  • discussing renewals of electronic resources.
  • sending out announcements to the Eastlib and other relevant venues.
  • reporting an update at the CKM annual meeting during the CEAL Conference.
  • Project
  • Collective Subscription of Korean e-resources

  • 2011 Committee on Korean Materials

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