Commitee on Chinese Materials (CCM)
Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL)

Rare Books Subcommittee (October 2014-September 2016)

Approved by the CEAL Executive Board, the CCM Subcommittee on Chinese Rare Books is established on the following charges:

• Identify training opportunity and coordinate continuing training in the area of appraisal, preservation and cataloging of rare materials.

• Work with the NLC and other institutions in developing and implementing RDA rule for cataloging rare books.

• Communicate for member libraries’ use of NLC National Registration Platform for Chinese Rare Books.

• Facilitate development of training material for rare books and share it with member libraries.

• Coordinate the participation of libraries in North America in NLC’s rare book survey project.


Subcommittee Report


Susan Xue (Chair, CCM Member), University of California, Berkeley

Shuwen Cao, Princeton University

Sarah Elman, Columbia University

Haihui Zhang (CCM Member), University of Pittsburgh

Yuan Zhou, University of Chicago

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