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Committee on Japanese Materials (CJM)

Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL)

Subcommittee on Japanese Rare Books


  • Descriptive Cataloging Guidelines for Pre-Meiji Japanese Books, Enlarged and Revised Edition 2011
  • Directory of North American Collections of Old and Rare Japanese Books, Other Print Materials and Manuscripts
  • Materials from LC-CEAL Q&A Sessions for CJK Rare Book Cataloging ... Japanese Breakout Session (2002)
  • Questions on Japanese rare book cataloging
  • Lists of handouts
  • Basic reference materials for Japanese rare book cataloging
  • Chinese and Kanbun texts published in Japan
  • Sample bibliographic records of LC for Japanese rare books

Useful Links

  • Origins of the Overseas Japanese Antiquarian Materials Study Group (OJAMASG) 在外日本古典籍研究会