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2017 CEAL Meeting in Toronto

The Committee on Japanese Materials Meeting

(Thursday, March 16, 2017 3:15-4:15 PM)

“Problems and Concerns for Libraries in Building a Collection of Pop Culture Materials for Research and Teaching”

Guest Speaker:
Dr. Thomas Lamarre (McGill University)

"The Challenges of Archiving Non-Canonical and Non-Discrete Objects"

Nowadays, it is not surprising to see faculty studying manga, anime or other Japanese popular culture as their research subjects or to incorporate such materials into their more traditional research. It is more common to see undergraduate students studying Japanese language in order to read comic or watch anime in Japanese. For academic libraries, however, pop culture materials are not mainstream materials, and we librarians are unfamiliar with issues associated with them. CJM conducted an online survey to understand the status of the collection development of East Asian pop culture materials and related issues and concerns.

As a special guest speaker, CJM invites Dr. Thomas Lamarre, a James McGill Professor in East Asian Studies and Associate in Communications Studies at McGill University, the author of The Anime Machine: a Media Theory of Animation. He is going to discuss current trends in research related to Japanese pop culture and consider how scholarly interests create challenges for archives.

3:15-3:20     Update from the Chair
3:20-3:35     Online Survey Report
3:35-4:05     “The Challenges of Archiving Non-Canonical and Non-Discrete Objects”
4:05-4:15     Q&A