Committee on Technical Processing (CTP)
Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL)

Committee Projects for 2005-2008

  • Planning/preparation for CTP sessions at 2006/2007/2008 Annual Meetings

  • Planning/preparation for CTP cataloging workshops
    (Workshop Registration: Setsuko Noguchi, Ai-lin Yang)
    • 2006: SCCTP Advanced Serials Cataloging Workshop
    • 2008:
        1. Library of Congress's Cataloger's Learning Workshop: "Metadata Standards & Applications"
        2. PCC Advanced Corporate Names Authority Workshop

  • RDA Review Subcommittee
    (Coordinator: Shi Deng)

  • Subcommittee on LC-CEAL Cataloging Internship Program
    (Chair: Joy Kim; member: Hideyuki Morimoto, Abraham Yu)

  • Serial Subcomittee
    Update the Descriptive Cataloging for East Asian Materials: CJK Examples of AACR2 and Library of Congress Rule Interpretations for Chapter 12 & 21.C
    (Co-coordinators: Julie Su, Ai-lin Yang; member: Erica Chang, Erminia Chao, Charlene Chou, Iris Liu, Hideyuki Morimoto, Setsuku Noguchi, Hisami Springer, Mari Suzuki)

  • CTP web site maintenance
    (webmaster: Erminia Chao (2005-2008))

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