Committee on Technical Processing (CTP)
Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL)

Committee Projects for 2017-2020

1)   Linked Data & BIBFRAME:
    a.       CEAL Responses to CCAAM Statement (6/21/2017)


2)   Documents to review and/or comment:
    a.      Removing ISBD Punctuation from MARC Records

                      i.     PCC ISBD and MARC Task Group Revised Final Report (2016)

                      ii.     Record sets for testing limited punctuation (2/6/2018)

    b.      IFLA FRBR-Library Reference Model (LRM), draft for world-wide review (2016-02-21)

    RDA Toolkit 3R Project: CC:DA seeking comments for special formats and materials: elements added to the Toolkit

    PCC Guidelines for Creating Bibliographic Records in Multiple Character Sets, last revised April 12, 2017

    MARC Discussion Paper No. 2018-DP04: Multiscript Records Using Codes from ISO 15924 (01/17/2018)

    ISSN Manual (to come)

    CEAL Responses to Field 260 in BIBCO & CONSER RDA Records, September 2017


    3)      CJK cataloging best practices: proposals for discussion

      a.      CJK numerals

                        i.     Presentation file

                        ii.     Survey report

      b.      CJK relationship designators

                         i.     Presentation file

                         ii.     Spreadsheet

      c.      CJK serial title change: study & report

    4)   CTP-related training programs

      a.      CJK CONSER Funnel Training Program (August 2017)

      CJK NACO Funnel Training Program (September 2017)

    5)   CTP proposals for rule revision

    6)   Digital scholarship resources for East Asian studies and beyond

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