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2018 CEAL Election Date and Process

Dear CEAL members:

I am honored and delighted to announce that Feb. 18,  2018 is the beginning of the 2018 CEAL Election when every member should expect to receive the online ballot individually through email and March 12, 2018 is the end of the election. During the election period, you will also receive the related reminders.

This year, we need to elect Vice President/President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Two Members-at-Large (in general area).

I encourage everyone to participate this most important democratic procedure of our org. and cast your vote.

Please join me to thank those who volunteered to be the candidates of this election, and whose great spirits of serving the community make everyone of them an ultimate winner, and those who working very hard to make the election ballot ready and whose contributions
to the process are deeply appreciated by CEAL and our profession.


Jim Cheng
President, Council on East Asian Libraries