A dynamic organization devoted to library services for the East Asian studies communities in North America since 1958.

Committee on Public Services

Committee on Public Services (CPS) is one of CEAL’s standing committees.  Its primary duties include:

  • Promoting new initiatives and ideas on public services to CEAL community and through CEAL community to the academic community in North America.
  • Working with appropriate partners, both domestic and international, to initiate plans and programs to provide professional trainings and workshops.
  • Communicating and collaborating with other CEAL committees to work on projects related to public services.

Chair of the CPS, elected by CEAL members serving a three-year term, is a voting member of the CEAL Executive Board. Members of CPS are CEAL members appointed by the committee chair with the approval of the CEAL Executive Board.

Please go to the annual meeting page for committee programs at the CEAL annual meeting.