A dynamic organization devoted to library services for the East Asian studies communities in North America since 1958.

Committee on Japanese Materials


  • Promote communication and collaboration among CEAL members who have interest in Japanese materials and who come from different generations and backgrounds
  • Strengthen ties with Japanese resource specialists and users from Japan and the rest of the world
  • Work together with North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC) to further international cooperation among librarians and library-related organizations for increased access to Japanese Studies research materials

Work plans:

  • Plan and prepare for CJM sessions at CEAL Annual Meetings
  • Work with Subcommittee on Japanese Rare Books to organize workshops and projects in collaboration with relevant institutions related to Japanese resources
  • Collaborate with NCC to plan workshops and projects related to Japanese Studies research materials
  • Monitor new appointments to Japanese Studies Librarian positions within North America and welcome those to the field

Please go to the annual meeting page for committee programs at the CEAL annual meeting.