A dynamic organization devoted to library services for the East Asian studies communities in North America since 1958.


  • “Organizing for East Asian Studies in the United States: The Origins of the Council on East Asian Libraries, Association for Asian Studies” – An essay written by Eugene W. Wu (JEAL no. 110, Oct. 1996)
  • “Life of the Council on East Asian Libraries” – A reception movie created by Tang Li (then Yale, now USC), Xiang Li  (Colorado) and Yao Chen (Minnesota) in 2013 to showcase CEAL’s past, present and future.
    Credits for the Video:
    1) Opening video: Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda Intro
    2) Music: a) Goodbye Master, Goodbye – Internal Affairs (Hong Kong, 2002); b) 山水 (mountain and river) by 12 Girls’ Band; c) A melody tree by Daydream; d) 踏古 (Memories of the sky) by Lin Hai.
    3) Ending video and music: PSY – GANGNAM STYLE
  • CEAL logo
    The current CEAL logo was designed by Shirin Eshghi,  Head of Asian Library (then Japanese Language Librarian), University of British Columbia (Canada), and was officially adopted by CEAL in April 2012.  According to Shirin, the logo is “a play on the name ‘CEAL'”. By this, she tries to “make this look like an East Asian seal both in color and shape”.  The design, says Shirin, is also intentionally made to look similar to an “@” mark, and “the purpose … is to demonstrate how our libraries and our work incorporate the print and paper-based knowledge where seals and books (書) are the foundation, while still moving ahead to the digital.”