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Email Lists

Subscribing to the "Eastlib" Mailing List

Eastlib is CEAL's email networking mailing list, open to CEAL members and others interested in East Asian Librarianship and East Asian Studies. This mailing list is managed by Mr. Mitsutaka Nakamura, Japan Studies Librarian at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Eastlib is a closed mailing list, meaning that only Eastlib subscribers can post and receive messages. For posting and receiving information on this mailing list, we cordially request each subscriber to act ethically and professionally to enhance mutual respect and trust in all library settings.

CEAL encourages new subscribers to register Eastlib with their institutional email accounts when applicable.

To subscribe, please send an email to Mr. Mitsutaka Nakamura (mitsutak@hawaii.edu) and include your name and affiliation in the message.

Eastlib Archive    

You can view past Eastlib messages online. The archive has keyword searching and includes messages from December 2019 to May 2022.

Sending A Message

To send a message to Eastlib (requires a subscription), start an email message and put the Eastlib email address in the "To" field: eastlib@googlegroups.com


If you have any problems with or questions about your Eastlib subscription, please address them to Mr. Mitsutaka Nakamura.