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2019 CEAL Detailed Annual Program

Dear CEAL Members,

Happy Lunar New Year!

Thanks to the hard work of EB members, committees, and program organizers, I’m very proud to present you the rich program of the 2019 CEAL Annual Meeting.  Please click on here for the detailed program.

The theme of CEAL annual meetings this and next year is “Strengthening the organization and empowering CEAL members to meet the challenges of the digital age,” and the focus for the 2019 meeting is on “Roles of East Asian libraries and librarians in digital scholarship.”

As president of CEAL, I warmly invite you all to attend the 2019 CEAL annual meeting in Denver on March 20 and 21, as well as the CEAL Pre-conference and reception on March 19th on campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder. The reception will be at 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. and is free to all CEAL members. Tickets of $40 each are also available at the reception for non-member attendees.

On behalf of CEAL, I thank the University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries for its generous sponsorship of the CEAL reception, and for their hospitality in hosting the entire CEAL pre-conference and reception in their library, providing free conference rooms and facilities.  I also thank our colleagues at CU Boulder Libraries for their hard work to coordinate for CEAL events on their campus and arranging an open house for CEAL members to visit their library’s Special Collections and Archives.

AS March is one of the snowiest months in Denver, we have also prepared a backup plan for the reception:  In case of inclement weather, CEAL reception will be moved to the conference hotel, Ballroom I, where the plenary sessions will be held and at the beginning of the Poster session. We will have some opening remarks, and light refreshments will be provided throughout the poster session.  Please stay tuned for the final announcement depending on the weather before March 18th.

Thank you!

Zhijia Shen

President of CEAL