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Announcing the 2019 CEAL Election Date and Process

Dear CEAL Members:

I’m delighted and honored to announce that the 2019 CEAL Election will start on February 15th and end on March 11th. By the February 15th, every CEAL member should receive his or her online ballot individually. During the election period, there will be a weekly reminder sent to CEAL members.

This year there are two positions up for election: Members At Large representing Japanese and Korean studies areas respectively. I enthusiastically invite all CEAL members to participate in the election and cast your vote.

Please also join me in thanking those dedicated CEAL members for offering their service to our organization by standing for the election; and CEAL 2019 Election Committee, Committee on Library Technology, Membership Committee, CEAL Secretary and Treasurer for their hard and excellent team work preparing and implementing the election!

Thank you!

Zhijia Shen
President of CEAL