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Call for Nominations for the 2020 CEAL Election

Dear CEAL members:

On behalf of the CEAL Election Committee, I am sending you this official call for nominations to serve on the CEAL Executive Board.  Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague to the following eight (8) open positions on its 2020 election slate:

Vice President/President-Elect (2020-2022)

Chair, Committee on Chinese Materials (2020-2023)

Chair, Committee on Japanese Materials (2020-2023)

Chair, Committee on Korean Materials (2020-2023)

Chair, Committee on Public Services (2020-2023)

Chair, Committee on Technical Processing (2020-2023)

Member-At-Large (General, 2020-2023)

Member-At-Large (China, 2020-2023)

Serving on the Executive Board is a wonderful opportunity for professional growth and career development.  Pursuant to Article VII of the CEAL Bylaws, the Election Committee is committed to ensuring a slate of candidates balanced in geographic representation, collection size, and area specialty. While encouraging experienced members to continue their valued contributions, we also welcome nominations and self-nominations from newer CEAL members. For more information about the positions, please see the relevant section of the CEAL Bylaws.

Luo Zhou, Duke University | luo.zhou@duke.edu

Lawrence Hamblin, Emory University | lawrence.p.hamblin@emory.edu

Sharon Domier, University of Massachusetts | sdomier@smith.edu

Jee-Young Park, University of Chicago | jeeyoungpark@uchicago.edu

Mieko Mazza, Stanford University | miekom@stanford.edu

Jianye He, University of California, Berkeley | jhe@library.berkeley.edu

Hana Kim, University of Toronto (Chair) | hn.kim@utoronto.ca

(Note: Ex-Officio: CEAL President, Vice-President and Secretary)

Please address your nomination(s) to any of the Election Committee members above by providing the name, institution, contact information of the nominee(s) and the nominating position(s) by Monday, January 13, 2020.

The Election Committee will confirm with nominees that they are current CEAL members and willing to serve.

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Thank you!

Hana Kim

Chair, 2020 CEAL Election Committee